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To show us how The Lake Companies' Shop-Trak, Doc-Trak, Fact-Trak and/or Beacon-Trak have helped you Realize Improvements in Your Manufacturing Business?”

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Grand Prize: $40,000*
First Runner Up: $10,000*
Second Runner Up: $10,000*
4th–21st place: Microsoft Surface Pros*

* The top 15 prize winners will be invited to reside on The Lake Companies' Product Advisory Board.

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Forever Green Award Videos

Check out some of our Forever Green Manufacturing Award videos that talk about how other companies have gotten benefit from The Lake Companies products. These videos are excellent ways of learning how an improvement in one part of the business can result in improvements throughout the entire business.

American Excelsior - Forever Green Award

Rapid-Line - Forever Green Award

Conesys - Forever Green Award

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products - Forever Green Award

Quench USA - Forever Green Award

Van Eerd - Forever Green Award

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